Learning for Life

St Joseph’s runs a three-day kindergarten program and a pre-kindergarten program to support students' learning in the early years.

St Joseph's focuses on developing our students' literacy and numeracy capabilities, and provides a comprehensive curriculum in line with the Australian Curriculum. Specialist teachers are also employed to support our music, physical education and Indonesian programs.

Our learning programs support the delivery of a curriculum that is inclusive and flexible to respond to the needs of individual students. A team of dedicated Teacher Assistants provide additional support to students and assistance for teachers.

Our staff are supported in their delivery of the curriculum through professional learning opportunities and through participating in school networks.

More information on the Australian Curriculum can be accessed online

Our curriculum delivery is supported by our investment in information technology. The School provides students with access to 25 laptop computers and 30 iPads are available for the use of Kindergarten to Grade 2 students. Students in Grades 3-6 each have access to an iPad to support their learning. All of our classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard for use by our teaching staff.

We provide opportunities for families to meet with staff during Term One each year to provide them with information about their child's progress in their new year level. Further opportunities are also provided following the distribution of mid year and end of year reports.