Religious Education


Religion is the foundation of our school and is an integral part of our curriculum.  All students participate in the religious life of the school while students of the Catholic Faith are instructed in the sacraments of Reconciliation (Year Two), Confirmation and First Eucharist (Year Three). The Sacramental programs are very much Parish and family orientated with the school supporting the preparation process. The opportunity to celebrate Church Feast Days and other times of significance is givenregularly to students. Family members are encouraged to join students and staff for all celebrations, class Masses and Liturgies, school Masses and school assemblies.

Our school shares in the mission of the Church which is based on a rich heritage of culture and tradition.  We provide a comprehensive Religious Education Program based on the Archdiocesan curriculum framework, Good News for Living. We encourage a growth in faith in our students through activities such as regular prayer and involvement in Liturgy. Students in grades 3-6 also engage in Making Jesus Real (MJR), a faith-focused values education program bringing the tools students need to feel the spirit of Jesus each day and recognise the God moments that are happening around them.