Religious Education

Religion is the foundation of our School and is an integral part of our curriculum. All students participate in the religious life of the School. Students of the Catholic faith are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist through the Parish.

The Religious Education Program is a process that begins with student's life experience and is deepened through various activities. Students are also invited to be part of the Christian story. Families are invited to join in the regular celebrations that reflect our faith.

The Religious Education Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Religious Education Program in the School. They are also responsible for the coordination of Liturgies and other celebrations that reflect the Catholicity of the School. The Coordinator works closely with teachers and assists them in the task of developing and delivering Religious Education programs.

Whole School and Parish Masses are held for all classes at 10:00am each fourth Thursday during term time.