Support Programs

Our teachers are provided with time to meet and discuss individual class and school needs in relation to teaching and learning programs. We also employ a Learning Support Coordinator who works with teachers to ensure your child is supported in their literacy and numeracy needs.

Our 'Get Reading Right' program is available for students needing extra support with their reading. Speech programs are also available as an extension to this program and are available for individual students.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a high priority within our School community; we aim to promote the personal and social well-being of every individual. We encourage caring, responsible behaviour and see parents as partners in reinforcing positive behaviour. We have a School Counsellor who attends St Joseph's once a week. Our Counsellor is available to speak to or support children with emotional or social issues, both at home and at school.

At St Joseph's Catholic School we aim to:

  • develop respect for people and property

  • establish rules that give expectancy, clarity, and security to students and staff

  • make school a friendly, happy and safe place

  • develop a sense of high self-esteem within each child

  • establish alternative strategies for conflict resolution

  • use positive prevention and corrective procedures

Our 'Buddy' system also promotes respect and care for others across the grade levels.